Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Forgetful Israelite

     Let me start this blog by telling all my 6 followers that.....I AM PREGNANT!!!!!! HOORAY!!!! The wait is over and I could not be more thankful. With that said, my prayer lately has me not be a forgetful Israelite.
     I did BSF this year, which stands for Bible Study Fellowship, and it was amazing. We studied Isaiah and it was oh so good! One big thing that stood out in Isaiah was how quick the Israelites were to forget the Lords faithfulness. I found myself getting frustrated with them because I wondered how God could do such a big miracle and then, what seemed like seconds later, the Israelites were complaining and turning to idols.
    I have been praying for a baby for a year. If you read my past blogs you can experience some of what that season was like for me. I am so incredibly thankful for that season and would not trade it for anything, but the Lord has given me a baby now for which I am SO SO excited! But even though I just found out I was pregnant, I find myself becoming a forgetful Israelite.  I was excited for a whole day before my little panic started to settle in. How are we going to support a child? How are we going to afford a house? Can we even get a house in time? What if we can't? Stop. I hear it resonate in my spirit. Just stop.
     How did I get here? Just the other day I was jumping up for joy because the Lord had showed himself FAITHFUL. How had I forgotten his faithfulness?  Forgetful Israelite, remember. Remember his faithfulness. Remember his promises. Remember his way is best....ALWAYS. I am led to the cross because of his patience. I am led to a place of repentance because of his kindness. I am led to the Word that reminds me of his character and his love for his people. It is there I remember....forgetful Israelite.