Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Random Thought for Sunday Night

     I have been married for just over three years now and it is so interesting to me how every year seems to bring a different season to our marriage. The first year was so great, but now that I look was a little awkward! We were just getting to really know eachother. I was living in a lot of fear that year that he was going to realize that he made a mistake or was going to get bored of me. Don't get me wrong, there was so much excitement that surrounded our first year because there were so many things that were new to us, but there were many growing pains that came with that year as well. I mean...lets be honest, for two people that have never lived with the opposite sex...that will always bring some interesting times.
     Our second year was great as well, but about half way through we realized the work that goes into marriage. The first year was pretty easy for us besides fighting over Wheat Thins (yes, we really got in a fight over that). We spent ALL our time together our first year but our second year we entered the world again. We started to take on more and be apart more from eachother with various ministry happenings and what-not. We did not have the luxury anymore of all that time and without that time marriage and communication became a bit harder. We realized that year that it was going to take us being intentional about our time together and making the time we did have quality.
     We are now in our third year and what a joy it has been! I feel like we have found our rhythm and what works for us. We are comfortable and get each other. I am absolutely in love with this man and adore (almost) everything about him! :) We were just talking the other night and I was telling him how thankful I am for this season because he is just my best friend in the whole wide world! There is no one else who gets me like he does, who can call me out on things that no one else would ever even notice. He knows me and loves me all the same. I am so thankful the Lord gave me this man to walk this life with, someone to grow old with, someone to laugh with along the way and someone who can hold me up when things aren't so great. I am so thankful for my best friend!

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