Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Life in my mind this week!

     So this blog has no real significance at all. Just a look into what has been consuming my mind lately. First thing, is since I started blogging and reading others, I have been wondering where do all these perfectly gorgeous, extremely talented women come from?! I love doing crafts and want to get into craft fairs and stuff like that but it seems as though all these women have taken all the cute ideas! I feel completely overwhelmed to think of new things because I am pretty sure there is nothing new under the sun! I have until August to find 5 things to make and make good because that is when my friend and I are doing our first ever craft fair. Which I am super excited about but don't even know where to begin!
     The other thing is, my husband and I put a bid on a short sale townhome in our dream little town. There is a possbility that we won't hear anything for another 10 weeks! This is really gives me too much time on my hands because I can't stop thinking about it! As much as I absolutely LOVE the people we live with, in the basement, I sure am ready to have my own place again and I am sure they would love their basement back! Something you probably don't know about me, is I don't like to spend money. I like nice things but I will almost never pay full price for things. This is great news for my husband! I say that because there is some work that we would like to do if we get the house and lucky for my husband I have already decorated (in my mind) the kitchen and the living room for around 800-1000 dollars. This includes new countertops, painting cabinets, painting walls and new floors for the kitchen. This shows you that either I am REALLY good at doing my research for getting things cheap or the place is really small; which it is a hybrid of both! :)
     So, there it is. The life during a week in my mind! Nothing that is of real importance, but I will keep you all updated when the creative ideas fall into my lap and I become a craft genius....or when and if we get the townhouse...or both! :)

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